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Find a school's OPEID:

  1. Go to
  2. Type in a keyword
  3. Locate the institution
  4. Click on the College Profile icon
  5. The OPEID will be shown on the page

.doc File File Guidelines for flat file.

 Sample File

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(Ignore the costs on the page, Illinois schools will be able to load this file 2 times per year without any fee.)

date ranges Date Ranges

The vendor is recommending that you show current articulations with start dates and date ranged historic articulations for no more than seven years. Even with current articulations there should be a begin date if possible.

If you include no start dates for current articulations we will assume the articulation is valid from the beginning of time to the end of time. However there are other options to include dates:

Active Date Backfilling:
For customers who would like it/need it, College Source can upon request and after the import, dynamically determine begin dates based on a few different things: 

  1. Begin date: Set to earliest course found (all Send Courses) while inst accredited.
  2. Begin date: Set to earliest course found (all Send Courses) regardless of accreditation.
  3. Begin date: Set to earliest duplicate (similar) EQ found.
  4. Begin date: No begin dates.

key points Tips

Process Steps in the File Load:

Once you submit the file the vendor will perform a 3 part check to validate the data:

  1. All sending schools in your file will be matched against schools in the database based on the OPEID supplied.
  2. All receiving courses at your school will be matched against courses in your institutions TES coursebank. (You will have to opportunity to add pseudo courses at this point.)
  3. All sending courses will be matched against courses in the sending institution's TES coursebank. NOTE: if you do not supply course exactly as they appear in the sending institution's transcript/catalog you will receive significant errors at this point. For example, if the sending institution's catalog and transcript list the course as ENGL 101 and you have ENG 101 the sending course will cause a not match and need to be corrected.

After each step we will receive an email report with the results and will need to work together to make adjustments.