A list of current programs should be submitted by fully licensed institutions so that they are viewable by students and this is required for ALL schools with functioning degree audits in Transferology.

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Institutions With Degree Audits

Link How to prepare a programs list for Transferology. (For Degree Audits ONLY)

NOTE: If you use more than one category only the last one will be visible and will be used as the program name.

Institutions Without Degree Audits

The file is greatly simplified if you do not have a degree audit in Transferology. Only 3 columns are need in the file in this format:

"Name, Concentration (Degree)",http://www.myurl.edu,A

Column 1 - Program name in this format: "Name, Concentration (Degree)" wrapped in quotation marks.

Column 2 - URL for more information (can be specific for each program or one URL for all programs)

Column 3 - Degree type in this format: use B for (Bachelor), A for (Associate), C for (Certificate), D for (Diploma), M for (Masters), P for (Doctorate)

 Sample File.

File format for non-audit institutions can be Excel, .csv, or .txt (, or | delimited). Comma delimited .txt preferred.